Our Philosophy

Aligning the interests of our stakeholders is at the foundation of our success.  It's why we chose our name Makor, which means "foundation" or "wellspring" when translated from Hebrew, to emphasize the importance of beginning each new acquisition with a renewed emphasis on creating distinctive homes for our residents, outstanding careers for our employees and superb results for our investors.  Our unique business model and philosophy allows us to harmonize the interests of these key stakeholders:

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Makor principals and their families significantly co-invest in every acquisition to ensure our interests are aligned with our investors.

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Long Term Ownership

Makor seeks to partner with like-minded, patient investors who appreciate the superior tax benefits, durable yields and capital appreciation that flow from long-term ownership of well capitalized assets, which outcomes are less available to our competitors who are dependent upon deal volume for fee generation.

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Vertically Integrated

Makor is a vertically integrated platform that identifies, acquires and self-manages each apartment community. Our on-site property management and asset management teams are integral to developing the business plan for each acquired asset to ensure our value creation strategies are achievable and knowledgeably executed.

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Singular Focus on Multifamily

Within this singular asset class, we find plenty of opportunities and have demonstrated ingenuity that has consistently produced outsized returns for our investors. Our approach to acquiring each asset is consistent, but our investment rationale can be opportunistic and even contrarian.